Lava Foot

Lava Foot is a Virtual Reality game developed for the Oculus Rift. This game immerses the player into a tribe of musicians tuning into the mighty being in the sky. The player looks up to see 4 constellations resembling the mighty man’s orders. The player plays notes on their flute, mapped to their controller using an input manager for Unity3D called InControl. The player must follow a sequence of orders to play on their flute.

This game was created on Unity3D with Oculus DK2 at Global Game Jam 2016. I worked in a team of 4 developers (Darren Tsung, Roger Cheng, Rudy Gomez, me) and 4 artists (Anna Klonoff, Melissa Wallace, Kathryn Valliant, Sherry Wong).

My role was to gather 3D models and animation clips from our fellow artists and assemble the objects into the environment. I wrote C# scripts to manipulate 3D model animations such as slowing down the animation to perfectly match the rhythm provided by our musician (Seth Sui).