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A bit about myself

Make School

The college replacement for founders and developers

I took a year off of University to be in the founding class of the MakeSchool Gap Year Program. Here, I learned to develop for iOS and web, computer science theory, and career skills such as networking and effective communication.

During my time at Make School, I lived in a hacker house with 9 other developers in Palo Alto. I commuted to San Francisco everyday and learned in an environment that drove me to absorb everything and keep building what I wanted to build.

University of California, Santa Cruz

I currently attend the University of California, Santa Cruz, studying Computer Science and Game Design.


Start ups

I am currently taking on lead iOS positions for couple start ups. We'll be launching very soon!


Attending many hackathons as a mentor to guide hackers through iOS development. Hackathons including HSHacks, MakeHacks, CalHacks 1.0, CalHacks 2.0 ...

Early-Stage Capital Fundraising

Pitched Make School to VCs in Japan (in Japanese) and assisted with closing $200,000 investment for Make School

Unravel, Inc.

iOS intern working on Unravel iPad version and Apple Watch image optimization.

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